EM Drink is a fresh, slightly acidic fermented drink. Drink it as you like and as much as you like. Fill your glass with 1 part EM drink and dilute it with 2-3 parts (sparkling) water to your own taste.

There are many ways and moments to consume EM Drink. As a mocktail, with ice and rosemary it is a healthy addition to the drinks table. For children it is a responsible drink. And after exercising, or on a hot summers day, it is a delicious thirst-quencher.

Recovery Drink | Drink daily after an antibiotic treatment to re-activate your intestinal flora.
Summer drink | Refrigerated in the fridge is EM Drink is a delicious refreshing and healthy drink for the hot summer days. Also delicious with bubbles and ice cubes.
Mocktail | Mix EM Drink in a cognac glass with sparkling water and mint, rosemary, cinnamon or…. Try all kinds of combinations and discover your best recipe!
Children’s parties | EM Drink is ideal for children’s parties. Make ice cubes with water, mint and small fruits such as berries, cherry and strawberry pieces. Healthy and festive!
School | A refreshing drink during the breaks at school and during the study.
On the way | Because EM Drink is vacuum packed in a bag-in-box, EM Drink remains top quality to the last drop and has a long shelf life. Ideal for at home and as a thirst-quencher for on the road.