EMĀ®Drink is a product developed by EM Agriton. EM Agriton is not only a supplier and producer of natural products for the recycling of soil, plant, animal and manure. We also work with natural products for a healthy living environment and increased immune resistance for humans and animals. Agriton is specialised in the agricultural sector and developed the concept EM Naturally Active for the Home & Garden customers. That includes farmers at home too!

Agriton advises and supplies products to agriculture and horticulture, growers, governments, water boards, gardeners, garden shops and health food shops and therapists.
EM Agriton works together with its subsidiaries in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Turkey to ensure a resistant soil and a healthy living environment.

EMRO (EM Research Organisation)
Knowledge transfer, research and innovation are of paramount importance to us. The EM Technology developed by Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa of the University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan, in particular, forms the basis for this.
Agriton is supervised and controlled by the umbrella organisation EMRO in Japan. EM Agriton is producer of EMĀ® developed by Prof. Dr. Higa.

Contributing to a healthy and vital living environment – that has been our mission for more than 27 years. An inspiring mission based on three grounds:

Taking care | We believe that the soil is the basis for everything that lives. We should cherish it. A healthy soil ensures a healthy crop. And healthy food provides healthy people and animals. Taking care of our soil together is of vital importance. We can only harvest if we feed the soil on the basis of a closed cycle. For now and in the future.

Innovative | Research is continuously working on new, natural applications. Collaboration and knowledge (sharing) are our priorities. By using EM technology, we really make a difference. A natural technique based on Effective Micro-organisms increases the resistance of soil, plants, animals and humans.

Authentic | We feel the urgency to contribute to the preservation of a healthy and vital living environment. We work with passion to carry out our vision. Sincere in contact and working method. Pure and natural exploring solutions for pollution and developing products.